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A Walk in the Woods

Oh Rosaleen.....where have you been -

My heart is all a-flutter !

I've called and searched most everywhere

And haven't churned the butter !

You left three hours ago or more

To pick a posy sweet....

Where have you been, you naughty child,

And just look at your feet !

Oh Mother ! I went in the woods

To stroll amidst the trees ...

The leaves were falling from above

In the balmy Autumn breeze.

The mint was crushed beneath my feet

And perfumed all around -

And nuts and berries bountifully

Were lying on the ground.

I leant my back against an oak

To sit there for a while

As squirrels chattered in the trees -

Their antics made me smile !

I must have fallen sound asleep ...

Have I really been so long ?

For I have had the nicest time

And learned a Fairy Song !

I dreamt I was surrounded

By a little fairy band

All dressed in gauzy dresses

With a little golden wand

They landed on my shoulders

My fingers and my shoes

In pinks and silver , green and gold

And lovely shades of blues.

They sang with sweetest voices

Of Autumn's harvest time,

Of burnished trees and falling leaves

And grapes upon the vine...

They sang of nuts and berries,

Of Nature's bounteous store

Of apple trees and fields of wheat

And hazelnuts galore !

Then the little Fairy of the Hazelnut Tree

Sat upon my hand and sung

Her special song for me...

She said to tell the children

In the houses everywhere

To remember to be loving , kind ,

And most of all to share.

Well, Rosaleen..I'm glad that you

Are home in time for tea

Now you can get washed up then sing

Your special song for me!

[ Poem by Ella Render..22/10/01 ]

Page design inspired by
Ella in New Zealand





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