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Welcome to GrannyDancer's Holiday Home
where EVERY day is a HOLIDAY!

Holidays & Celebrations
for March


Month-Long Observances
American Red Cross Month
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Kidney Month
Mental Retardation Awareness Month
Noodle Month
Nutrition Month
Talk With Your Teens About Sex Month
National Women's History Month

Week-Long Observances
Mar. 01-07.Listening Awareness Week
Mar. 01-07 Letter of Appreciation Week
Mar. 02-08 Procrastination Week
Mar. 02-08.Save Your Vision Week
Mar. 03-09 Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
Mar. 03-09.Pet Sitters Week
Mar. 09-15.Girl Scout Week
Mar. 16-22.Poison Prevention Week
Mar. 17-23.Jobs For Teens Week
Mar. 17-23.Sports Trivia Week
Mar. 23-29.Cleaning Week
Mar. 24-30 Anonymous Giving Week
Mar. 21-Apr.19. Aries

Day-Long Observances
Mar. 01 Pig Day
Mar. 02 Read Across America Day
Mar. 03 I Want You To Be Happy Day
Mar. 03 National Anthem Day
Mar. 03 Eight-Hour Day in Australia
Mar. 05 Stop Bad Service Day
Mar. 07 Monopoly Day
Mar. 07 Professional Salesperson's Day
Mar. 08 Employee Appreciation Day
Mar. 08 Women's Day
Mar. 08 International Working Women's Day
Mar. 08 International Women's Day in Russia
Mar. 10 Salvation Army Day
Mar. 10.Commonwealth Day in England
Mar. 14 Einstein Day
Mar. 15 Quilting Day
Mar. 16.Lips Appreciation Day
Mar. 17 Freedom Of Information Day
Mar. 17.St. Patrick's Day
Mar. 17.Canberra Day in Australia
Mar. 17 National Day in Ireland
Mar. 20 Agriculture Day
Mar. 20.Incredible Kids Day
Mar 20. Spring
Mar. 20 Proposal Day
Mar. 21.Astrology Day
Mar. 21 Family Day
Mar. 21 Flower Day
Mar. 21 Single Parents Day
Mar. 22 Freak Out Day
Mar. 22 Goof-Off Day
Mar. 23 Cuddly Kitten Day
Mar. 24 Harry Houdini Day
Mar. 26 Legal Assistants Day
Mar. 28 Hot Tub Day
Mar. 29 Don't Do Your Homework Day
Mar. 30.Doctor's Day
Mar. 30 Mothering Sunday in England
Mar. 31 Independence Day in Georgia

International Women's Day Greetings

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