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Rules for selecting your mate

You should not marry someone with
the same eye colour.

The thin and wiry should marry the
round emotional types.

A person with red hair and a pale
complexion should marry
someone with black or brown hair.

Those with soft, fine hair should marry
one the same.

Those with curly hair should marry one
with straight.

Those who do not fit into a category
should marry one like themselves.

The nervous highstrung person should
wed the slow and quiet
type. This would ensure that the
exitable person was quieted
by the calmness of the other.

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From the Engagement to the Ceremony

Long engagements were frowned on in the Victorian Era. They
thought it better to marry quickly before the couple became aware
of each others little faults.

Once the bethrothal was announced a dinner or party was
given in their honour. The Bride's next duty was to chose the
day. May was considered unlucky by the superstitious. "That
time too, was not auspicious for the marriage torches of the
widow or of the virgin. She who married then, did not long
remain a wife." Just after Easter and the Autumn months were
favoured by Victorian women.

The invitations are sent out ten days before the wedding. The
bride should not be seen in public until her wedding day. Her
bridesmaids must never fail to do their duty unless they are
seriously ill.

The engagement ring was a thick and heavy gold band. The
bride could chose whichever finger she wished to wear it on.
On the wedding day, the engagement ring is removed and
replaced with the wedding band, which was also a gold band,
but had the date and initials engraved in it. The engagement
ring would eventually be returned to the bride on the way home.

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The Wedding and the Reception

When the time came for the wedding, the bride and her
wedding party walked together to the church following a little
girl who would toss flower petals along the road. This was
done to ensure that "the bride's path of life will always be
happy and laden with flowers"
The hem of the wedding gown had some sort of good
luck charm sewn into it.

If the bride passed a chimney sweeper on the way to the
church it was considered good luck to be kissed by him.

It is not polite at a wedding to
congratulate the bride. She
should recieve wishes for her future
happiness. The groom in the one
who is to be congratulated;
he is the fortunate one.

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